National Yoga Month

Did you know that it’s national yoga month?  I recently found out and just wanted to share with everyone! If you’ve never tried yoga before this is a great opportunity to get a free one-week pass to a local participating yoga studio! Or, if you’re a yoga junkie but you’re a poor student and can’t pay to attend classes regularly, this is a great way to sneak in one free week of classes!

I’ve really come to love yoga over the past year or so.  At first I wasn’t a huge fan, but now I need it, particularly since I started dental school. It helps bring me back to a calm, relaxed state and I am able to temporarily forget about all that I’m stressed about.  Not to mention, it’s such a great, great workout. Since I’m not able to attend classes regularly, I do a lot of yoga DVDs at home.  I also try to snag every yoga deal I can find on groupon, living social, and faveroo.

That being said, I feel like this is such a great opportunity and I just wanted to share it with everyone!  So here’s the deal – 1600 studios nationwide are participating, so find one near you (that you’ve never been to, because you must be a new student to qualify) and sign up.  You will get one week of free classes!

Check it out here and go get your “ohm” on!